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noelebelle giveaway; one winner will receive a crochet flower halter top from my etsy shop, custom made in your size and choice of color!

☆ reblog this post to enter, no limit. please do not remove the text.

☆ follow my shop blog and/or personal blog

☆ will ship internationally, giveaway open to all countries.

☆ winner must be 18 or over, or have caregivers consent to receive your prize.

☆ one winner will be chosen at random on September 18, 2014 & will be contacted via inbox (please have your ask box open)

☆ good luck! questions?

etsy | tumblr | instagram

only two more days to enter!

giveaway ends tomorrow, get your final entries in now ♡♡♡

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rosetintmyworld asked: I love youuuu 🍆💜🔮👾


Love you moarr 💜👾💟🌸

Artist Kim Keever’s liquid experiments produce beautifully abstract, hypnotizing swirls of color.

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